The Importance Of Dry Sub Flooring And The Process Used


The Importance Of Dry Sub Flooring And The Process Used

Wooden flooring is prone to developing mould and rot if it is allowed to remain in contact with wetness, moisture or water. This also affects the structural soundness of the buildings.

In such cases, timely intervention is vital, as is the use of specialised Sub Floor Drying methods. We at Flood Services provide prompt and efficient sub-floor drying solutions. In addition, we also offer excellent hard floor surface drying services.

Wood Floor Drying Process

Wood Floor Drying

What Distinguishes Flood Services?

We have years of expertise and experience in providing quality services to our customers. This is the result of handling a number of similar as well as challenging projects in the area of water damage containment, mitigation, and flood restoration of damaged premises.

We make use of the latest tools & equipment in our work in order to provide you with detailed Wood Floor Drying services. The priority is to ensure that our wood floor drying solutions should meet your needs and help maintain the integrity of your floors.

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