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Why you should take floods seriously

Every one of us plan their days according to the weather forecast in Newcastle but it is likely that these forecasts will simply be inaccurate. The problem is that the forecast models are quite inefficient in terms of the oceans. Newcastle, being close the ocean, has a quite unpredictable weather conditions. Being a resident of such area, your home or business is always at risk in terms of sudden storms, flood or strong winds.

It is a good idea to have contacts of a professional flood services like ourselves to be ready for any type of flood damages that require procedures such water extractions, flood and water damage restoration and wet carpet drying. We have been in the business of providing flood services for a long time and both or team and individual skills are at the highest level.

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  • 24/7 Emergency Flood Restoration
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Newcastle is a harbour city in New South Wales and it is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Being close to the ocean, its weather can change dramatically in a short period of time bringing heavy rain, storm and floods. It is a big city with lots of houses and businesses that suffer from flood damages every year. Nature is fierce in Newcastle and property owners definitely need a professional flood service by their side. If you want your house our business to be protected if a nature event happens, Flood Services is the service to choose. Our team is committed and dedicated to this job, being very quick and meticulous, we are the ones to solve your problems

Make a use of our services in your difficult times

Water extraction service – We always update our inventory and possess the latest and modern equipment and hardware to do water extraction, leak detection and dehumidification to be a dedicated solution to your issue – you will achieve the best possible results. We will get to your address on time and start the required work to avoid any further damage.

Wet carpet cleaning service – A proper wet carpet cleaning service should start with extracting the big chunks of water and that is what we do. Next step is blow drying the carpet and the mains reason of this stage is to have lots of air to go through the carpet or the underlay and evaporate all the water and moisture. We are the innovative and reliable flood services in Newcastle bringing you a full-scope flood services including all the tools, equipment and experienced personnel.

Flood damage service – Floods and its aftermath could be devastating to your house or business, they can destroy everything inside your property and end with growing of mould.


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Our company is distinguished by its quality of service and its interest for the customer. In addition, we offer efficient and responsible flood services. We offer a wide range of services, from the water extraction to drying of carpets, from flood to wind damages. Every day we work with creativity, openness and flexibility. These are our values and we believe in them. They have proven themselves. We care as much about the quality of the service as you do.

How do we do it? Thanks to a very rigorous internal and external management. With a team that is always looking for new ways of overcoming the obstacles. With customised methods ready to support you at all times. Quality, time and excellent prices are our watchwords. Together, they are the password that opens the doors better and bigger things. They benefit from a continuous training program through which they are operational in all environments and at ease with the latest techniques.

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