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Structural Drying

Water damage can happen to your home or business at any time, unexpectedly. Leaking pipes, a faulty sink, or an unexpected natural disaster such as floods could cause extensive damage that would require so much time and money to fix.

Regardless of the cause, it is crucial to have a fast structural drying so that everything is in proper functioning order within the shortest timeframe and with the least cost. At Flood Services, we offer robust and reliable structural drying services – call us at any time and we will be at your service almost immediately.

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Leaving structures such as concrete and walls to dry by themselves is definitely an option, but this is never the correct way as delayed drying of structures can lead to further deterioration, making a greater impact on the structure that might be irreversible. i.e concrete cancer.

The timing of the drying process is the most important; you might have to deal with expensive repairs and maintenance if the drying process is not done at the right time. However, our efficient structural drying services are designed to protect you from such disadvantages, including:

  • Measuring the damage with our moisture meters
  • Water extraction utilizing the best tools and equipment
  • Quick evaporation of moisture with strong special fans
  • Dehumidification of the air to prevent further damage
  • Ensuring the ideal temperature needed for dehumidification and evaporation

In short, our drying methods are designed to quickly and efficiently dry your structures and get back to them their original state.

Training, inspection, procedures and communication: everything is checked and controlled, down to the last detail. Flood Services always gets outstanding results. Our best guarantee of quality is your satisfaction.

Not completely satisfied with the result? We are taking care of it. Customers know they can rely on our diligent service and dynamic solutions.

Modern technology for structural drying

At Flood Services, we are only using the most modern equipment and technologies for our structural drying services. We do not only dry the structures but also do it efficiently and safely without compromising the integrity of the structures. We comply with all the required standards and with our professional approach; we promise you a 100% quality service.

Why choose us

As structure drying specialists, we attach particular importance to the quality of our services and work. Commitment is rewarded by the trust of our customers. Our organisation provides continuous training for its employees (training in new methods, specific risk training, etc.) since their recruitment and throughout their life in the company.

The protection of our working environment is at the heart of our concerns. We take great care and respect your property as if it is our own. You won’t be facing any surprise damages – we promise a 100% safe and secure service whether it is residential or commercial property,

Our “owner-operator” business model ensures you a service to your satisfaction. We love our work and we care about the customer.

We build lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with consistent and attentive service. We will always be there when you need us.

Contact Us

Contact us for structure drying services before it is too late. We also offer emergency services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and can be onsite within the hour.


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  1. Cordoning the area. Mould removal always requires you to start by sealing the area with plastic and tape before doing any work. This prevents the potentially dangerous mould spores contained in the work area itself, instead of distributing the mould throughout the house.
  2. A water vacuum cleaner will clean stagnant water and water-soaked surfaces, as well as vacuum the mould itself. Using a dry vacuum to remove mould because is not a good idea because it will cause the mould spores launch into the air.
  3. We will clean the area using everything we have. This can include scrubbing, scraping, cleaning dust and dirt with vacuum, and even the removal of construction materials, furniture and anything else affected by mould. Everything that is extracted from the area should be put in plastic bags and labelled before being disposed of.
  4. Making sure the area is dry is the last step. We make sure that we have thoroughly dried the area by using fans, dehumidifiers. If it does not dry completely before performing restoration work, it is very likely to have mould spread in your house again. If you have black mould, green mould, or any other type, call Flood Services so that we can provide you with a mould removal service as soon as possible. Do not forget your home and your health depend on this.

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