Steps Followed in Wet Carpet Cleaning


Call in the experts at Flood Services if you need your wet carpet to be efficiently cleaned, dried, and sanitised. We are a well-established and highly reputed company in the industry. We are known for our expertise in handling damaged wet carpet cleaning and carpet drying.

To dry damaged wet carpets with the utmost efficiency, we utilise high-performance dehumidifiers and industrial air movers. We carry out all flooded carpet clean-up tasks promptly and also provide clients with 24- hour emergency carpet drying and water damage restoration services in Melbourne.

The humidity of the carpet increases the longer you keep it wet, eventually resulting in the surrounding areas getting moist and humid. These conditions are ideal for the growth of mould. Also, these conditions pose a serious health risk to people on the property. This is why experts advise not to keep the carpets wet for an extended period. These features also face the risk of damage if you keep them wet for long. Situations like these have to be addressed immediately.

Flooded Carpet Restoration

Cleaning flooded wet carpet and drying them is a complicated process. It doesn’t involve merely sucking the water, drying the carpet with fans, using steam cleaners to effectively clean it, and deodorising the affected area to get rid of the bad smell.

The truth is, a wet carpet has a significant impact on the underlay, the subfloor, as well as the wood or concrete floor beneath it. This requires special attention to fix. The underlay and subfloor can be subjected to mould growth if not dried effectively, and the odour problems will increase as well.

The Work Process

A specific procedure is followed by the Wet Carpet Cleaning experts to carry out the drying of wet carpets, it includes:

Our team of technicians is highly skilled and experienced. They are capable of handling even the most extreme wet carpet jobs with the utmost professionalism. To keep their skills sharp, the technicians undergo regular training as well. We understand that homeowners take care of their expensive carpets, which is why we focus on restoring their carpets back to their original condition.

All jobs are completed to industry standards, and we focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

For any more information about our carpet and underlay drying services, feel free to contact Flood Services at 1800 908 908. You can get a free quote online when you enquire.